Landscape Rendering Commissions

An estate rendering expresses the soul of a dwelling and the majesty of its location. Andrius Balukas commissioned paintings, fine line drawings and renderings of:

Victorian Mansion - graphite on paper
Victorian Mansion, Wellington, Ohio
graphite on paper
22 x 30 in. (56 x 84 cm)"
Victorian Mansion - graphite on paper    Farm - watercolor

Residence - watercolor    Office - color pencil on paper

New York Street Facade - color pencil on paper    Loft Space Interior Cutaway - graphite pencil on paper

Electric Blue Day - watercolor    Morning Shadows - graphite pencil on paper

Flight Check at Dawn - watercolor   

Preparing for Your Estate Commission

A 30% deposit per commission estimate starts your estate evaluation and places you in the studio schedule. Estate commissions of special sizes and details can be easily be arranged for an estimate.

Sample Fees

Oil, Watercolor or Ink
Color Tone Black & White
22 x 30 in. (56 x 84 cm) $ 1990.00 $ 1490.00 $ 960.00
15 x 22 in. (38 x 56 cm) $ 1490.00 $ 960.00 $ 690.00
11 x 15 in. (29 x 38 cm) $ 960.00 $ 690.00 $ 490.00

Drafting or Drawing
Color Tone Black & White
22 x 30 in. (56 x 84 cm) $ 1490.00 $ 960.00 $ 690.00
15 x 22 in. (38 x 56 cm) $ 960.00 $ 690.00 $ 460.00
11 x 15 in. (29 x 38 cm) $ 690.00 $ 460.00 $ 390.00

(Please note that these are price estimates only, and are subject to change.)

Frequently Asked Landscape Questions

What qualifies as a landscape?

Any place that has enough meaning for you, warrants a representation. It can be your home, your place of work or play. It can be a memory of a place you’ve been or lived in, or a site of an important event. Properly handcrafted heirlooms of original art last for centuries, and will outlast other media for your progeny.

Who typically is interested in pictures of places?

Anyone who is proud of his or her accomplishments. If you’re an owner of a private residence or a business, and you’ve finished a project for your home – a new garden, a pool, an elegant façade or a new office building or facility wing – you may want to show your portrait of success to your peers, or a gift for future generations. You may have a meaningful place with significant memories: your childhood home, the satisfaction of your summer cottage, or that green you’ve scored a hole-in-one. If you work professionally with real estate, or are an architect or an interior decorator, you may want to show the highlights of your career to your clients. Working directly with you, I can accurately express the full effect of light, mood and atmosphere of your landscape.

Is a landscape only for outdoors?

Typically, but don’t overlook interior spaces; dining rooms, drawing rooms, libraries and grand staircases are wonderful art subjects.

How do I start a landscape?

Please contact Andrius Balukas via email to begin. My first step will be to arrange an interview. Please consider a good time for us to meet and arrange a walk-through and discussion of your site. Depending on your assignment, I will take photographs, sketches, color samples and notes during our visit. We will discuss the details and atmosphere of the site, the time constraints of the assignment, and the choice of the appropriate medium. A typical visit will be a minimum of an hour of your time. For long distance consultations, the client will be responsible for reasonable travel expenses incurred.

Once you would approve a cost estimate for the commission, a one-third deposit will begin the creative process at my atelier; you are welcome to view the progress of work.

After completion of the artwork, you will be invited to discuss and consulted regarding frames and display. When you are satisfied and approve the final image, it will be invoiced and delivered.

I'm having trouble deciding what type of media to use on my artwork, could you explain the difference
between them all?

Specific media is chosen for its physical and emotional effect, as well as the time constraints placed on the assignment.


Is used for its control of high detail and sharpness; a large amount of planning and time is needed for a precise rendering. Tone drawings, by limiting the colors used, often speed up the process. Graphite pencil also keeps very high detail, and substantially cuts rendering time.


Watercolor (also known as aquarelle) captures a vivid color, a jewel-like impression of almost any subject. These sought after paintings, filled with brilliant atmosphere, take time between skillful applications of color and cannot be rushed.


The contrast of black ink can either emphasize the impression of texture of shadows and light.

You can also paint with thinned ink, with results much like a black and white photograph. Careful gray ink washes can emphasize the mood and atmospheric tone of the subject, much like a watercolor, yet takes less time to create than a full color painting.

What is the difference between color and tone images?

While color images are rendered for a realistic look through a full palette of colors, tone images concentrate on a range of only one color. Tone images are traditionally used as either warm browns or cool blues, and give a distinctive classical look to the subject.

What size painting is best?

Your first consideration for your portrait commission is where will your art to be hung? Secondly, what is your style preference? And third, what is your goal for the commissioned art? After answering these three questions, we can determine the most suitable size for your investments needs.

Note: the standard sizes listed with pricing are simply a guideline. Finished landscape sizes can be as small as an envelope, or as grand as an entire wall.

Can you change a feature in my landscape?

I will begin with sketches and photos and working out the composition. During this process, we will discuss the details that need to be emphasized or deemphasized on the site. I can make subtle changes to preserve or heighten our objectives. This is the great advantage over photography.

Knowing how you feel is a big part of this process. It is my intention that the client be pleased with the artwork when it is completed.

How soon will I get my landscape?

Your down payment will put you on my calendar for the artwork start-date. A guaranteed delivery date will be in our agreed contract. I will always offer you the soonest available start-date possible. Please note that some assignments requiring a particular season or medium may take longer to deliver.

How will my painting be delivered?

I will professionally package and deliver your artwork directly myself, through FedEx, or your preferred delivery service.