Portrait Commissions:

Efterpe Troupis specializes in creating timeless personal commissioned society portraits, crafted to last for generations.

Young Revolutionary - makeup and varnish on canvas
oil on board
12 x 16 in. (30 x 41cm)"
Young Revolutionary - makeup and varnish on canvas    Andi - oil on linen

Deejay - oil on board    Sam - oil on board

Dave - graphite pencil on archival paper    Reverie - charcoal on archival paper

Golden Boy - makeup and varnish on canvas    A World That Stands As One - linocut

Efterpe - graphite on paper    Dad - oil on canvas

Kiki - oil on canvas   

Preparing for Your Portrait Commission:

A 30% deposit per commission estimate starts your portrait evaluation and places you in the studio schedule. Portrait Commissions of special sizes can be easily be arranged for an estimate. Additional Portrait and background subjects are extra.

Sample Fees:

Oil or Pastel
22 x 30 in. (56 x 84 cm) $ 1990.00
15 x 22 in. (38 x 56 cm) $ 1490.00
11 x 15 in. (29 x 38cm) $ 960.00

Graphite, Conté or Charcoal
Tone Black & White
22 x 30 in. (56 x 84 cm) $ 960.00 $ 690.00
15 x 22 in. (38 x 56 cm) $ 690.00 $ 460.00
11 x 15 in. (29 x 38 cm) $ 460.00 $ 390.00

(Please note that these are price estimates only, and are subject to change.)

Frequently Asked Portrait Questions:

How do I start a portrait?

Please contact Efterpe Troupis via email or telephone to begin. I will need to schedule a time to arrange a session for taking photographs and sketches of the subject, discuss the composition of the painting, the time constraints, and the choice of an appropriate medium for the subject. I will need a minimum of two hours of your time for sketching and photographing. For long distance consultations, the client will be responsible for reasonable travel expenses incurred.

Once a cost estimate for the commission is approved, a one-third deposit will put you on my calendar and this begins the creative process in my studio. You are encouraged to visit my studio to view the progress of your work. If distance or time is a problem I will keep you updated via photos that I will email to you at any time you request. Your work will be created using the finest archival art materials that will last for centuries. I will need your approval before the last part of the work is completed.

I'm having trouble choosing what type of media I want for my portrait. Can you explain the differences between them?

Specific media is chosen for its physical and emotional effect, as well as the time constraints placed on the assignment.


This is the Gold Standard. Work done in oil on linen will last for centuries to come. It is luminous and has a depth that endures the ravages of time. It is also more time consuming for you the client as the drying time is long and cannot be rushed without compromising the exquisite quality; the final results are well worth this longer process.


The value of Pastel “paintings” are equal to oil paintings in museums worldwide. The color pigments are the same as what is found in oil paints only they are suspended in a dry form. Applied on the best “museum” quality paper or board they are often difficult to discern from an oil painting. Usually the difference is noted because they are framed under glass to protect the air sensitive surface. The advantage of this medium is that it is quicker to complete than oil. The matte quality of the medium lends it itself to producing atmosphere and mood more readily.


Charcoal is one of the most traditional and classic mediums for portraits. I always work out gesture, composition, and value decisions in charcoal before painting your portrait. Many clients have purchased my study sketches. I have finished charcoal works hanging in private collections and public spaces of corporations. I use the best quality charcoal and paper to ensure that they will endure. I recommend that charcoal portraits be professionally framed with acid free matting and backing under glass.


I use a 3mm graphite lead very delicately on museum quality paper in the Florentine old master techniques. I find that it is an excellent medium for both detail work and character studies. When character and expression are of premium value to the client connoisseur, I often recommend a pencil portrait sometimes in addition to their oil commission.

What is a Tone Drawing?

While color images are rendered for a realistic look through a full palette of colors, tone images concentrate on a range of only one color. Tone images are traditionally used as either warm browns or cool blues, and give a distinctive classical look to the subject.

What about the background?

Background can be as important as your face in your portrait. Traditionally it is used to symbolically emphasize something about the subject. An example is a career portrait with your office in the background. Or just a color toned background that draws the viewer into your face and can give a strong mood or attitude to the final composition. The background can be an important extra in your painting and will be discussed in detail in our first consultation.

What size painting is best?

Your first consideration for your portrait commission is where will your art to be hung? Secondly, what is your style preference? And third, what is your goal for the commissioned art? After answering these three questions, we can determine the most suitable size for your investments needs.

Note: the standard sizes listed with pricing are simply a guideline. Portrait sizes can range from very small to very large.

What can I do about sitting for the portrait with so little time in my busy life?

Though sitting for your portrait is preferable for any artist, it is rare to find anyone who can sit 60 or more hours for a commissioned portrait. A scheduled photo session where you will need to be available for about one and a half hours or possibly two is the way I normally begin the actual portrait commission process. This is scheduled at your convenience, generally in your home or office. I will be taking photos, notes and making sketches. Though I will have the photo references, the printed colors are not always consistent with reality. I will be painting some of my notes in oil paint or pastel; making exact color matches to your hair, skin tones and the colors of your clothing. If you have a computer to go over the photos immediately, we can discuss poses that you can see and discuss. This will speed the process of producing for you a more pleasing finished portrait.

What should I wear for my commissioned portrait?

Portraits are forever. Clothes are very personal and symbolic. The clothes you wear for your portrait will tell the viewer about you, possibly, for centuries to come. We will discuss the reasons for the portrait in our first consultation which will lead you in the right direction to make the right choices regarding the style, color, and texture of your clothing for your commission.

What should my child wear for his or her portrait?

The same answer applies. Skin colors and background and possible activity need to also be part of the decision process and I am available to aid your decisions. For children there is also a popular tradition of portraiture in timeless French-style clothing and other portrait clothing.

Can you change a feature in my portrait?

One of the most important parts in creating your portrait is posing you. I find that everyone has a position (pose) that makes them look their best, it is essential that we find that likeness together before beginning the process of the actual painting. I will be both emphasizing and de-emphasizing parts of the entire composition for the final painting. Knowing how you feel is a big part of this process. It is my intention that the client be pleased with his or her portrait when it is completed.

Can I have my pet in the portrait?

This is very traditional and very lovely way to add additional interest and meaning to your portrait.

How soon will I get my portrait?

Your down payment will put you on my calendar for the painting start-date. A guaranteed delivery date will be in our agreed contract. I will always offer you the soonest available start-date possible. Please be aware that oil paint takes at least four months to dry properly.

How will my painting be delivered?

I will professionally package and deliver your artwork directly myself, through FedEx, or your preferred delivery service.